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The sun’s out. The pool’s filled. Your best friends have brought leftover beer. Your creepy uncle has arrived. Even the ex has a self-invite. And you? You have pure culinary escapism as your companion.
This is your summer playground and your personal chef is the legendary Heston Blumenthal. Okay, maybe not in human form, but definitely as a guardian angel of the grill.
The days of dry and burnt out wings are done with the arrival of the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal collection – the ultimate barbeque to help you get the job done like a pro.
Spanning across seven distinct models to perfectly suit any home grill master, Everdure by Heston Blumenthal heralds in a bold new era of cutting-edge barbeques thanks to its innovative technology and multi-award winning design.
Why reinvent the wheel? Because times have changed and so have the expectations of the perfect outdoor dining experience.
Welcome to the future of barbeque.
A Unique Barbeque
For Every Barbeque Lover
The dream of owning your own backyard might be over but owning a dedicated barbeque isn’t.
The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal collection is designed for today’s most dedicated foodies whether you live in an urban apartment, a humble abode, or a full blown mansion complements of daddy.
It’s this versatility in design paired with the sheer ease of use that makes Everdure by Heston Blumenthal different to any other barbeque you’ve ever cooked on.
Reimagined & Built
From The Ground Up
A standout feature of the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range is its unconventional looks. The modern benchmark for barbeque demands a new kind of beast and Heston and his team endeavoured to find this solution.
The chef worked closely with designers and engineers to ensure that the latest technology built into every grill was accompanied with dynamic design aesthetics.
Whether it’s quick-starting charcoal or the convenience of gas, the chef has incorporated his most trusted cooking methods into these designs.
Today, you can experience that very same culinary adventure with the Everdure by Heston Blumenthal range – or as we’d like to call it – a licence to grill.
Get To Know The Range
4K - The Pinnacle Of Charcoal BBQ
The latest innovation in charcoal cooking, combining a modern design aesthetic with precise temperature control to produce grills that rival the fine dining scene. Electric ignition also makes the Everdure 4K one of the fastest grills to fire up which means less time prepping and more time socialising and enjoying the chars of your labour.
Intuitive airflow control: The 4K features an adjustable airflow control system which revolutionises the way heat is increased or decreased. Vents at the top and bottom ensure uniform cooking through balanced airflow in the chamber.  
Every cooking style covered: As the range’s top-of-the-line product, the 4K covers 4 x cooking methods: low ‘n’ slow/smoked, convection/roasting, direct grilling and intense baking (pizza). The 4K boasts two matte vitreous enamel grills, two 304 grade stainless steel grills and a 33cm cordierite pizza stone. This is further accompanied with a water container, internal light, grill tongs and charcoal to get the party started.
Robust construction & beautifully designed: You can’t have an outdoor party without a BBQ that can handle the elements. The 4K is constructed from diecast aluminium with excellent insulation and optimum heat retention – key traits of a perfectly cooked BBQ.
Real time temperature control: Never burn your food again. It’s a big call to make but the 4K manages it thanks to six temperature probes inside: 2 x probes in the hood interior to measure ambient temperature, and 4 removable probes for internal meat temperature. These probes relay information back to an app which users can use to monitor cooking, as well as display on the digital controller at the front, ensuring you don’t have to continuously
A touch of elegance: A sleek touch glass controller resides on the 4K’s body to allow for quick and simple BBQ control. Thanks to the Fast Flame Ignition System™ and the integration of an electric ignition element, the charcoal ignites at the press of a control.
HUB II - Charcoal BBQ For The Culinary Perfectionist
Who said you couldn’t make your own rotisserie or spit roast from the comfort of your backyard? The HUB II is a charcoal BBQ grill designed to put your culinary showmanship on centre stage at any social gathering.
Rapid start: Never wait hours for coal to heat up again. The HUB II’s patented Fast Flame Ignition System uses an electric element to get your charcoal burning at just the right temperature in just 10 minutes.
Simple controls: Apply the perfect amount of char on your rotisserie thanks to automated height adjustment via up/down buttons.
Extra storage: Never leave food out to go cold with the flies again – HUB II comes with a slide out storage/warming drawer.
Robust build quality: Titanium coated metal components means less corrosion and a longer life spent outdoors
HUB - Charcoal BBQ For The Showman
As a humbler version of the HUB II, the HUB features all of the trademark features of the showman’s BBQ without breaking the bank. Electric ignition with quick start is still there as is the integrated rotisserie all contained within a minimalist unit inspired by Danish design.
Rapid start: Never wait hours for coal to heat up again. The HUB II’s patented Fast Flame Ignition System uses an electric element to get your charcoal burning at just the right temperature in just 10 minutes.
Built-in rotisserie: Grill the way the gods intended with the Everdure’s patented Rotiscope Technology which ensures consistent cooking whilst maintaining little noise. Height is adjusted manually but this makes the whole process even more authentic.
Ultra-simple operation and maintenance: The porcelain enamel firebox and charcoal tray makes for quick and easy cleaning after use – one of the most loathed aspects of barbeque.
FURNACE - Bringing Power & Grace To Your Place
Good looks, power and versatility. FURNACE is the gas barbeque that grills whatever you throw at it with grace and damn good taste. The triple burner FURNACE packs enough punch to help you multitask whilst the flexible and interchangeable grilling configurations allow you to cook exactly how you want.
Try high heat teppanyaki style cooking with the optional teppanyaki kit, designed specifically for the FURNACE.
Made for outdoor living: Make this BBQ grill part of your furniture. FURNACE is made of a die-cast aluminium body which won’t rust and will look as good as it lasts.
Optimised for the perfect grill: The high hood design isn’t just about good looks. The height aids convection cooking by creating a 360 degree circulation of heat around food to ensure that every bite is perfectly grilled and full of flavour.
FORCE - The Most Simple & Sophisticated Gas BBQ
This is the proven BBQ grill destined for any apartment balcony. As a smaller dual burner gas barbeque, FORCE is capable of perfecting the art of convection cooking thanks to 360 degree heat circulation built into its design. A die-cast aluminium body also means it won’t rust and is easy to move around.
Made for outdoor living: Forget lugging your BBQ in and out of the house when it rains. FORCE is made of a die-cast aluminium body which won’t rust and will look as good as it lasts.
Suited to any food: Interchangeable cast-iron flat plates and grill plates with integrated flame tamers means you can set up the BBQ for any type of food of your liking.
CUBE - Intimate Charcoal BBQ Anywhere, Anytime
The ultimate compact BBQ means you can create authentic charcoal feasts wherever you go. With real estate becoming rarer in today’s world, the CUBE strikes the perfect balance between delicious charcoal cooking, unrivalled mobility and cool design.
Simplicity in design and function: Don’t let its boxy dimensions fool you, CUBE is packed with smart features such as a lightweight steel construction and a finish which helps to insulate heat whilst keeping stray hands safe. Even the handles are designed to be cool-to-touch even in operation.
Integrated storage: You can’t have portable without built-in storage and the CUBE hides it thanks to a food-grade storage tray and bamboo preparation board perfect for skewering. There’s even enough room for storing fresh coal all in one unit.
Add personality to your BBQ: Show off your personal tastes with a choice of 4 contemporary colours to help you stand out.
Get cooking with style this summer by visiting your nearest Everdure stockists.
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